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Exercise As Medicine

Exercise Physiology plays an important, irreplaceable role in primary health care, including preventative health, aged care, chronic disease management, workplace health and mental health. Exercise Physiology can lead to significant benefits in functional related outcomes such as pain, quality of life and physical movement.

For the management of chronic diseases, exercise is considered paramount in the management and treatment of a range of conditions including:

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“There is no medicine that can treat a range of chronic conditions like exercise can.” (Chris Tzar, Director Lifestyle Clinic, School of Medical Science, UNSW, Sydney).

East Gosford Exercise Physiology provide quality exercise oriented healthcare programs that encourage people to engage and maintain exercise for general health and well being as well as for the treatment of chronic diseases, illness and other conditions which may have caused diminished mobility or a reduction in the quality of life.

Exercise For The Treatment Of Chronic Illness

Accredited and specially trained Exercise Physiologists are today considered to be one of the most qualified of all allied health professionals in the prescription of exercise for rehabilitation to improve health, mental well-being, physical function and quality of life in those at risk of, or suffering from chronic illness. Click here to learn more.

Exercise – A Lifestyle Habit

The Exercise Physiologists at East Gosford Exercise Physiology do more than just instruct patients on exercise techniques, they educate and assist patients to make exercise a lifestyle habit. Through careful instruction, and expert awareness, exercise physiologists teach the positive effects of exercise, while instilling the skills, behavioural techniques and lifestyle factors needed for long term health.

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Parkinson's Diseases

Cancer Recovery

Heart Disease


Back & Neck Pain

Post Prostate Surgery Rehab


Work Related Injuries

Exercise Prescription Coaching

Bounce Back Exercise Program

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