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Post Prostate Surgery Rehab

Exercise Rehabilitation Specifically Designed For Post Prostate SurgeryThe “East Gosford Post Prostate Surgery Rehab Program” is a rehabilitation program designed by the specially trained physiotherapists at our partner organisation, East Gosford Physiotherapy who work with the accredited Exercise Physiologists at East Gosford Exercise Physiology.

This program has been devised “For Men – By Men”, as it was identified that Men’s pelvic floor and continence rehabilitation had subtle differences from Women’s programs which are generally adopted to a Man’s problems.

Pelvic Floor and Incontinence In MenIt is the unique issues of incontinence (needing to wear pads) and erectile dysfunction that need to be addressed after surgery for prostate cancer. The “East Gosford Post Prostate Surgery Rehab Program” can be commenced before or after prostate cancer surgery. It teaches you how to be aware of your pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles, and how these muscle groups help you with continence and posture.

It is often found that men develop alternative strategies for pelvic floor muscles which can make leakage of urine worse over time as it pushes the bladder and pelvic floor, rather than ‘lift’ pressure from the bladder and pelvic floor.

The Prostate Surgery Rehab Program includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your problem by a specially trained Men’s Health Physiotherapist.
  • Real Time Ultrasound assessment of your pelvic floor function.
  • The initial 60 minute assessment includes an education program to teach you how to find the “right muscles” to ‘keep you dry’ and use these muscles in everyday life.
  • Once correct functioning of these muscles is occurring (normally between 2 to 5 visits) you are then introduced to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for further progression of your exercises into ‘real world’ function including increasing your general fitness.

Research suggests that regular exercise after cancer diagnosis will actually increase cancer survival rates by 50%.

Men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer who require surgery often have other health issues associated with age, loss of bone and muscle mass and being overweight. The medication required can often reduce testosterone levels (as this can slow prostate cancer growth) and contribute to other life-threatening chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

All these health issues associated with your prostate cancer or treatment can be effectively managed with the development of your individualised program along with advice and understanding guidance from our Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Contact East Gosford Physiology for your assessment and commence your rehabilitation journey for Post Prostate Surgery.


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