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The Benefits of Exercise PhysiologyIndividuals who suffer from chronic disease, illness or disability can benefit from exercise that continues over the longer term. It is important that the exercise, as well as the physical and psychological responses of the individual, is regularly monitored by someone who is expertly trained to do so. This, in collaboration with a team of medical and other allied health professionals, is what an Exercise Physiologist is trained to do.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are qualified to understand the effects of exercise on the body, both physically and mentally. Their specialised training gives them the skills required to understand the human body and exactly how exercise will impact on the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and endocrine systems of their patients.

Coaching To Empower PatientsThe Exercise Physiologist teaches patients to incorporate exercise and behavioural modifications into their lifestyle so they can manage their own health over the long term. They not only teach people how to exercise but how to adapt their exercise to suit other changes to their lives. This is intrinsic to how an Exercise Physiologist would treat those with, or at risk of chronic disease or illness and something that differentiates Exercise Physiologists from other allied health professionals.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Parkinson's Diseases

Cancer Recovery

Heart Disease


Back & Neck Pain

Post Prostate Surgery Rehab


Work Related Injuries

Exercise Prescription Coaching

Bounce Back Exercise Program

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