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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the second most common degenerative brain disease after dementia. Once diagnosed, you have already lost 70% of your dopamine producing cells (Nerve Cells) in the part of your brain called the Basal Ganglia. Drugs that replace dopamine or mimic dopamine can control symptoms, but only for a limited time, and they have side effects.

Recent studies¹ have shown that amplitude based, or big movements, and high effort exercise can have a dramatic effect on motor performance, and can help the brain to restore more normal movement patterns. Inactivity in people with PD can lead to more rapid deterioration of brain function. Exercise can be neuro-protective and can prolong independent function, cardio-vascular fitness and reduce the risks of falls.

The Exercise Physiologist at East Gosford Exercise Physiology work with specially trained Physiotherapists from our partner organisation at East Gosford Physiotherapy in a program called P.D Warrior™ which is a revolutionary exercise program for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. P.D Warrior™ is an intensive circuit style class involving high level physical and mental activity. Designed as a ten week program requiring weekly attendance, P.D Warrior™ is a combination of high effort amplitude based exercise with dual tasking.

You will need to see one of our specially trained exercise physiologists or physiotherapists for a complex assessment, to decide on the best management of your PD and, if your are suited to the PD warrior circuit.

Contact us for more information about P.D Warrior™ on (02) 4323-7499 or go to

Reference: Ebersbach MD et al; Comparing Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease – The Berlin LSVT Big Study, Mov Disord 2010, 25(12) 1902-1908.


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